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White Self Seal C5 Envelopes Pack of 500

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C5 Pack of 500 White Self Seal Pocket Envelopes with an A Window
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C5 size envelopes are able to fit a once folded A4 piece of paper or an unfolded A5 sheet of paper. The affordable C5 envelope features a handy A Window (45x90mm) which is positioned at 20mm, 60mm up from the left, which will neatly fit your address label - perfect for general, everyday office use. The Pocket style means documents are horizontally slipped into the envelope and sealed easily and securely due to the self seal flap.

Pack Size: 500
Colour: White
Paper weight: 90gsm
Size: C5 (229mm x 162mm)
Self Seal - Flaps right
Pocket with A Window (45x90mm)