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Visions of the Universe Postcards (8 in set)

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Stargazers will enjoy receiving postcards featuring enlargements of the Special Stamp images.

This set of eight is perfect for collecting, sending or framing.

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A set of eight postcards depict the astronomical features and phenomena studied by British astronomers and astrophysicists over the centuries.

These enlarged images enhance the rich detail of spectacular scenes.

Perfect for collecting, sending or framing.


Rapidly rotating neutron stars.

Black Holes

Super-dense regions of space.

Cat’s Eye Nebula

This cloud of gas and dust was once inside a star.


A small, icy moon of Saturn with a system of geysers.


A comet made of rock, ice and dust.

Cygnus A

This active galaxy is a powerful source of radio waves.

Jupiter’s Auroras

The largest planet in our Solar System produces the strongest auroras.

Gravitational Lensing

Celestial objects bending light from distant sources to form distorted images.