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Tamper Evident White C3 Polythene Envelopes Pack of 20

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Tamper Evident Peel & Seal White C3 Polythene Envelopes Pack of 20.
Durable, waterproof - these tough covers help protect your post.
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These Tamper Evident envelopes has been designed to withstand all known methods of attack, including solvents to give you piece of mind that your money will be posted safely. They not only can withstand attack but displays a void message once opened to stop people resealing these bags and the printer skirt side weld gives added security. These C3 opaque tamper evident envelopes from Ampac can easily be tracked and traced with the tear off redemption slip, which are number sequentially. The C3 Sized (355mm x430mm) envelopes are the perfect size for sending confidential documents and valuable items such as jewellery and money plus, you can rely on the discrete Opaque envelopes keeping information private. The envelopes are 100% recyclable and feature a peel and seal closure for fuss free sealing.

Colour: Opaque
Size: 355mm x 430mm (C3)
Type: Tamper Evident Polythene Envelope
Pack Size: Pack of 20
Manufacturer: Ampac