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Transformers Stamp Set

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Eight new Special Stamps celebrating the key characters from the Transformers comic books.

Each stamp includes an illustration of an Autobot or Decepticon.

Four First Class stamps and four £1.85 stamps presented as four se-tenant pairs.

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Immerse yourself in the world of Transformers with a superb collection of Special Stamps.

The superbly illustrated stamps capture courageous Autobots and devious Decepticons locked in battle with each other.

The original illustrations have been created exclusively for Royal Mail by established comic artists Andrew Wildman (pencils), Stephen Baskerville (inks) and John-Paul Bove (colours).

And there’s MORE THAN MEETS THE EYE with this special set of stamps…

Each stamp is printed with a hidden ink which reveals each of the character’s faction logos and names in the Cybertronian alphabet when UV light is shone on it.

Each stamp will also trigger a unique augmented reality animation* including a clip from the original animated TV series – simply download the Royal Mail App and choose Scan a Stamp to watch it.

*Please note: The Augmented Reality feature is only accessible via the Royal Mail App which is available to download in the United Kingdom.

Four First Class stamps and four £1.85 stamps presented as four se-tenant pairs.

First Class | Optimus Prime

First Class | Megatron

First Class | Bumblebee

First Class | Starscream

£1.85 | Grimlock

£1.85 | Shockwave

£1.85 | Arcee

£1.85 | Soundwave

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50mm x 30mm


Cartor Security Printers

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14 x 14


Bars as appropriate