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STAR WARS BB-8 Bundle (Framed Stamps) Save 10%

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Save 10% on a special set of framed stamps, named in honour of the lovable droid, BB-8.

  • Includes the framed 2015 Star Wars Vehicles Stamp Sheet set and framed Character stamps from 2015 & 2017.
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The ultimate bumper Christmas gift for all Star Wars fans, featuring the famous X- Wing attack on the Death Star, alongside all 20 character stamps from both 2015 and 2017. Saving 10% compared to buying these items separately, this framed bundle includes:

  • Framed Vehicle Stamp Sheet from 2015, framed in black ash effect and all six vehicle stamps 
  • Framed Star Wars Character stamps from 2015 & 2017, celebrating 20 characters and fan favourites such as BB-8, Han Solo and the new, adorable Porg.