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Votes for Women Stamp Set

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15 February 2018

Commemorate 100 years of those whose ceaseless determination led to the vote being finally granted to women over the age of 30 in February 1918.

  • Includes eight Special Stamps, featuring key individuals and events.
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Our Votes for Women Special Stamps mark 100 years since women first won the right to vote in the UK. Featuring key individuals and events of the time, our four se-tenant pairs of eight stamps include;

  • 2nd Class Lone Suffragette in Whitehall, c.1908 and The Great Pilgrimage of Suffragists, 1913. 
  • 1st Class Suffragette Leaders at Earl's Court, 1908 and Women's Freedom League Poster Parade, c.1907. 
  • £1.40 Welsh Suffragettes, Coronation Procession, and Leigh and New Released from Prison, 1908.
  • £1.57 Sophia Duleep Singh sells The Suffragette, 1913 and Suffragette Prisoners' Pageant, 1911.