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Star Trek Limited Edition, Prestige Stamp Book

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A superb limited edition full-colour collectible volume.

Includes the full set of Star Trek stamps and miniature sheet, a limited-edition silver-foiled cover and an exclusive 3D motion certificate.

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This 24-page full-colour publication contains all 12 Special Stamps and the Star Trek: The Movies Miniature Sheet.

A silver-foiled front cover sits inside a folder that opens to reveal imagery of the Star Trek Enterprise ship NCC 1701. An exclusive lenticular certificate includes a 3D motion image of original crew members James T Kirk, Dr McCoy and Mr Spock transporting.

Learn how legendary creator Gene Roddenberry’s ground-breaking and thought-provoking 1960s creation became a global sci-fi sensation that continues to thrill and inspire today’s TV and cinema audiences. Images from key episodes and an overview of every Star Trek TV series and movie make this a fact-filled souvenir.

Limited edition: Only 1,966 copies available worldwide – in recognition of the original TV series’ launch year.