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Captain Cook Mint Stamp Set

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These Special Stamps mark the incredible success of this historic expedition. 

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Brought to you in pristine condition as three horizontal se-tenant strips of two stamps.

  • Strip 1 – 2 x Second Class, from left to right: Sir Joseph Banks Bt by Sir Joshua Reynolds,Phaethon rubricauda (red-tailed tropicbird) by Sydney Parkinson, and Passiflora aurantia (red passion flower) outline drawing by Sydney Parkinson and finished by Fred Polydore Nodder.
  • Chief Mourner of Tahiti and a scene with a canoe by the artist of the Chief Mourner (Tupaia).
  • Strip 2 – 2 x First Class, from left to right:
  • Captain James Cook by Nathaniel Dance,Triumph of the Navigators by Robin Brooks.
  • Drawings of the observations of the transit of Venus, 1769, by Charles Green and Lieutenant James Cook alongside a photograph of a sextant.
  • Strip 3 – 2 x £1.45, from left to right: Clianthus puniceus (scarlet clianthus) by Sydney Parkinson and a portrait of a Maori Chief with full facial moko, engraving after Sydney Parkinson.
  • Volatinia jacarina (blue-black grassquit) by Sydney Parkinson and Sydney Parkinson,self-portrait.