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Sherlock Stamp Set

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Key characters from popular episodes of hit show Sherlock appear on six Special Stamps featuring hidden messages only revealed under UV light.*

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A collection of Sherlock Special Stamps featuring key characters from six of the most popular programmes across the hit TV series.

Hidden details relating to the episode are revealed in overlayed text and symbols when UV light* is shone over the stamps.

Use UV light* to reveal each stamp’s secret features.

Two First Class, two £1.42 and two £1.68 stamps presented as three vertical se-tenant pairs.

First Class The Reichenbach Fall

First Class A Study in Pink

£1.42 The Great Game

£1.42 The Empty Hearse

£1.68 A Scandal in Belgravia

£1.68 The Final Problem

Stamp specifications

  • Stamp format Olympic landscape
  • Stamp size 60mm x 30mm
  • Design So Design Consultants
  • Printer International Security Printers
  • Print process Lithography
  • Perforations 14.5 x 14.5
  • Phosphor Bars as appropriate
  • Gum PVA

*Recommended UV light sources

365nm UV wavelength | 1300mW UV power | 5W flashlight power