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Sherlock Presentation Pack

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A stunning compilation of stamps, stories and images celebrating a legendary crime-cracking character on the 10th anniversary of the modern-day adaptation of his adventures.

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Delve into a world of danger and intrigue with this fact-packed Sherlock souvenir.

The six Special Stamps feature key characters and contain hidden details only revealed under UV light*.

The Miniature Sheet’s four stamps include illustrations of stories that Sir Arthur Conan Doyle considered his finest work.

Author and journalist Tom Huddleston shares the story behind the origins and success of the modern-day adaptation.

Photographs and stories explore the Sherlock episodes featured on the Special Stamps in more detail.

Each episode is represented by layered visuals – reflecting a technique used in the show.

*Recommended UV light sources

365nm UV wavelength | 1300mW UV power | 5W flashlight power