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Sherlock & Moriarty Limited Edition Silver Medal Cover

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A superb limited edition souvenir to treasure for collectors and fans of the hit show.

A limited edition Medal Cover created in partnership with The Royal Mint.

Includes all six Sherlock Special Stamps with hidden details only revealed under UV light*.

A limited edition of just 600.

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These highly sought-after souvenirs, created in partnership with The Royal Mint, celebrate Sherlock’s genius – and his nemesis.

An individually numbered limited edition Silver Proof Medal Cover exploring Sherlock’s turbulent relationship with arch-rival Moriarty.

Each souvenir contains all six Special Stamps featuring key characters and popular episodes with hidden details only revealed under UV light*.

The stamps are cancelled with a Holmes Hill postmark that includes a Moriarty quote from The Great Game: ‘This little game of ours’.

The 925 Ag Sterling Silver medal includes the words ‘Get Sherlock’ – the message Moriarty scrawls on the Crown Jewels’ case in The Reichenbach Fall. The reverse illustrates “The Game is On", Sherlock's modern take on the literary version 'The Game is afoot'.

A limited edition of 600 stunning souvenirs.

Medal specifications

  • Alloy 925 Ag Sterling Silver
  • Production standard Proof
  • Edge Plain
  • Weight 28.28g
  • Diameter 38.61mm
  • Shape Round

*Recommended UV light sources

365nm UV wavelength | 1300mW UV power | 5W flashlight power