Peel & Seal White C5 Polythene Envelopes Pack of 100

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Peel & Seal White C5 Polythene Envelopes Pack of 100.
Durable, waterproof - these tough covers help protect your post.
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These extra strong Peel & Seal Polythene Envelopes are cheaper, lighter and stronger. Gosecure envelopes are ideal for any mail order, or online businesses using the postal service regularly. These extra strong envelopes minimises postage costs and are manufactured from high quality materials to create the strong and flexible structure. They are also weatherproof and tear resistant so are sure to protect the packages contents. The C5 Sized (165mm x240mm) envelopes are the perfect size for sending CD's in dual cases or business cards, plus, you can rely on the discrete opaque envelopes keeping information private. The envelopes are 100% recyclable and feature a peel and seal closure for fuss free sealing.

Colour: White
Size: 165mm x 240mm (C5)
Type: Extra Strong Polythene Envelope
Pack Size: Pack of 100
Manufacturer: Gosecure