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Welcome to the Online Mail Supplies Hub

To order Online Mail Supplies log in here.

You can find the answers to the most commonly asked queries by clicking on the links below:

Who can apply for Mail Supplies?

Business customers can order Online Mail Supplies from us via our Online Shop platform.

We define a 'business' customer as one who:

  • has a Royal Mail Online Business Account (OBA),
  • or is a Franking customer
  • has a paid for Regular collection although doesn't use an OBA or Franking and has a requirement for mail supplies in order to post with us.

If you do not have any of the above, you don't need access to free mail supplies.

The providing of mail supplies is solely in connection with the sending of mail items through Royal Mail by you and in accordance with our General Terms & Conditions. You can view the specific 'Terms & Conditions' for mail supplies which you must accept prior to checkout.

How to apply for access

We provide Mail Supplies to those customers that frequently post items through Royal Mail. Before we grant access, we'll need to validate you're a ‘business’ customer as defined in 'Who can apply for Mail Supplies'.

You need to ensure your email address is registered on royalmail.com as a business user. If this is not registered, will mean we will not be able to provide access and you will have to apply again (we do not contact you to let you know whether you have been granted access or not). Please ensure you use the same email address that will be used to order mail supplies.

Eligible as a 'business' customer? If yes, here's how to apply for access:
  • Fill in the application form where we'll review your application. You can apply here.
  • Once your submission has been sent, an automated response is sent to you
  • You should be granted access to the shop which can take up to two working days, not including weekends and public holidays. Whilst we will add your email details, if your email address is not registered on Royal Mail as a business user, access cannot be granted (we do not contact you to let you know whether you have been granted access or not).
How to Access Online Mail Supplies

If successful and you have access, you’ll be set up and ready to go. Log in on the Royal Mail Shop and the Online Mail Supplies tab will be made available

Please note, we do not supply general stores items such as boxes and packaging materials to any customers free of charge, but these can be purchased through the Royal Mail Shop. We only provide specific stores items for our account customers where it forms part of our business contract for them to send items which require, for example, identifiable bag labels when they post their items.

Customers unable to access Online Mail Supplies, after access has been agreed

If you have been provided with access, occasionally you may not be able to access Mail Supplies via the Royal Mail Shop.

If you're having issues logging on:

  • fully log out of royalmail.com
  • Go to shop.royalmail.com and click on ‘My Account’ (this is at the top to the right of the search bar). This should take you back to the RoyalMail.com login page
  • Log in using your assigned email address (this will take you back to the shop where you should see the option for Online Mail Supplies).
If this does not work, further help can be found below

If you cannot access have you applied for access?

  • If no, please visit and complete the online form

Which web browser are you using?

  • Chrome, Internet Explorer, Microsoft Edge and Firefox are supported.
  • If you are using Safari, you will need to disable the ‘Prevent cross-site tracking’ by selecting Preference > Privacy

Have you recently changed your email address?

  • If you have recently changed your email address on the Royal Mail website this will cause a corruption with log in details and the you will need to re-register this new one and complete the online form. Alternatively, you can contact us here.

Are you using a Desktop, Laptop, Mobile Device (Tablet or Mobile Phone)?

  • If you are using a tablet or a Mobile Phone, try logging in on a desktop as occasionally Mail Supplies does not always work on a mobile device.

Have you tried deleting the cookies and cache and refreshed the web browser?

  • This may resolve the issue

Have you used this e-mail address to purchase products from the shop?

  • If you have, you will need to re-register on the Royal Mail website using a different email address and then reapply for access to Mail Supplies. If you need to keep the same email address, then please contact us.

Have you accepted Cookies on the Royal Mail website?

  • As the cookies are not enabled online mail supplies will not appear

Are you using your web browser in Incognito mode?

  • As the cookies are not enabled online mail supplies will not appear

Do you have an Adblocker on your web browser?

  • You'll need to disable the ad blocker on this page. This may resolve the issue

When you log in, does 'My Account' still appear at the top of page instead of 'Hi' and your name'?

  • Try clicking on 'My Account' but this may take several attempts, and this should update. Online Mail Supplies should appear in the white bar at the top of the page

The security settings for your Internet browser or device appear to be out of date

  • You'll need to ensure they are up to date

Our site no longer supports the security settings within older browser versions or devices.

  • To continue using our site, please upgrade to the latest browser versions, for example: Internet Explorer, Chrome, Safari or Firefox.
Our Online Mail Supplies order has not been received

When an order is placed online for mail supplies, you should receive a confirmation email containing the order amount and your order number. Orders can take 5 working days from the date of order, not including weekends and public holidays.

We do not provide an update status when items have been despatched or an expected delivery date.

If your order contains a combination of 'Mailkit' or 'Consumables' these may arrive on different days.

Mailkit is described as Mail bags, Trays and Yorks (cages).

Consumables are items like and not limited to bag labels, cable ties, thermal labels and Franking items.

In the unlikely event of your order has not been received after seven working days not including weekends and public holiday, please let us know by completing our short online form.

Occasionally, some consumable items may be delivered but your order was perhaps incomplete due to items being out of stock. In these cases, the rest of your order will be despatched when back in stock. We do not provide an update status when items have been despatched or an expected delivery date.

Royal Mail Shop terms and conditions

Please refer to our full terms and conditions for the Royal Mail Shop.

Also, here are our terms and conditions specifically for Philatelic customers.

Business Retail terms and conditions and further forms can be found at royalmail.com/retailer

Business Direct business customers terms and conditions can be found at royalmail.com/direct

How do I sponsor a special handstamp?

To sponsor a special handstamp please contact:

Handstamp Liaison
Royal Mail
Tallents House
21 South Gyle Crescent
EH12 9PB

Or telephone: 0345 071 2000

See the latest postmarks

View an archive of postmark bulletins

How do I close an account?

To close an account please contact:

Postal Address: 
Closed Accounts
Freepost SCO670
Tallents House
21 South Gyle Crescent
EH12 9PB

Or telephone: 03457 641 641

Or email: closed.accounts@royalmail.com