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Mail Lite

MailLite Postal D1 Gold Padded Bag P100

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Mail Lite Padded Postal Bag Size D/1 181 x 273mm Gold (Pack of 100)
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Sealed Air Mail Lite Padded Bags. Heavy duty Bronze Kraft with inner lining for maximum cushioning. Internal dimensions: 181 x 273mm.
The Mail Lite pack of 100 D/1 padded bags from Sealed Air are designed specifically to provide outstanding protection to your goods against any possible damage whilst in the delivery process.
The padded bags are made from heavy duty kraft paper is strong and durable and can be written on in any ink or pencil even. Mail lite bags have a lightwe
ight padded inner lining making them ideal for reducing postage costs. The D/1 size (181 x 273mm) bags can fit items the size of DVD cases which is also practical for small gifts, items of clothing, jewellery or makeup.