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Royal Mail

Machin 2nd Class Definitive Barcoded Mint Stamp

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Introducing the UK’s first barcoded stamp.

Marking a piece of philatelic history.

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Royal Mail is piloting the addition of unique barcodes to a limited number of Second Class stamps.

It means the stamps in question can be uniquely identified, in a move that could pave the way for innovative customer services in future.

The integrity of the existing Machin design has been retained and the 2D barcodes will sit alongside the main body of the stamp, separated by a simulated perforation line. Each barcode will be colour matched with the stamp.

Limited to a maximum of five single stamps per customer.

Stamp specification

Stamp format

Definitive barcoded

Stamp Size

39mm x 30mm


International Security Printers

Print Process



15 x 14.5


Bars as appropriate




Why is Royal Mail piloting the use of barcoded stamps?

Barcodes allow every stamp to be uniquely identified, bringing greater visibility to Royal Mail’s network. They will also build the foundation for customer service benefits to be developed in the future if the pilot is successful.

Which stamps will have barcodes?

The pilot will trial the use of barcodes on a limited number of 2nd Class stamps only. Approximately 20 million 2nd Class stamps will be printed as business sheets and enter Royal Mail’s network from 23rd March 2021.

Will I be able to buy barcoded stamps at Post Office branches?

The stamps are printed on retail business sheets only which are not stocked by Post Office branches. The sheets will be available via Royal Mail and Viking Direct only.

When will other stamps be barcoded?

If the pilot is successful, the new-look barcoded stamps may be introduced into Royal Mail’s network more widely. Further information will follow in due course.