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Have you received a Secret Dossier? Are you having a little trouble decoding your mission?

If so, here are some handy hints below:

General Help

Within your Secret Dossier, there are six mission sheets. Each of these comes with a clue to help you crack one hidden code per sheet. Use all six codes to complete the blanks at the back of your Dossier. The boxed letters spell out an anagram of a villain’s middle name, which – when correct – works as a discount on some of the Royal Mail James Bond products (see here).

What do you do next?

At the bottom of each of the six mission sheets, you should see KEY CODE text. Use the red decoder gadget (provided within your Dossier) to uncover the clue hidden beneath this text.

Each clue will help you decipher the code for that mission sheet only.

Mission Sheet Clues

Casino Royale – Look for your clue within the blue box only. Write down every 25th character, starting with the 25th. This should spell out the name of an important agent.

The Living Daylights – Check every detail of this mission sheet and use the phonetic alphabet wisely. Don’t forget your passport!

GoldenEye – Look for your clue within the blue box carefully and you will find the name of a villain who wasn’t at first who he seemed.

Live and Let Die – Ensure you check your flight times and other numbers precisely against the alphabet for this double agent’s name.

On Her Majesty’s Secret Service – Look within the blue box for some stand-out letters. Take two steps back to unlock this secret organisation’s name.

Goldfinger – Use your grasp of Morse code to look beyond the text and reveal the name of one of Bond’s allies.


Casino Royale: Clue = Every 25th character, starting with the 25th / Answer = VESPER

The Living Daylights: Clue = NATO Phonetic / Answer = BOND

GoldenEye: Clue = Acrostic / Answer = TREVELYAN

Live and Let Die: Clue = A1Z26, meaning A = 1, Z = 26 / Answer = ROSIE

18 = R, 15 = O, 19 = S, 9 = I, 5 = E

On Her Majesty’s Secret Service: Clue = Caesar Left Shift 2 (for each bold letter of the alphabet, go 2 letters back. For example, C = A, D = B, E = C etc.) / Answer = SPECTRE

Goldfinger: Clue = Morse / Answer = GALORE

--. = G, .- = A, .-.. = L, --- = O, .-. = R, . = E

Certain letters from the six answers spell out an anagram of a significant villain’s name. The bold letters of each answer form the word SOVRTA, which is an anagram of STAVRO (Ernst Blofeld’s middle name). Use this to enjoy your discount – find out more about this (see here).