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James Bond Presentation Pack

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Delve into Bond’s world with images and stories exploring his key relationships.

All six Special Stamps depicting all Bonds and the Miniature Sheet’s four Q Branch stamps with exclusive 007 perforations, as well as hidden features revealed under *UV light.

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Friends, enemies, exotic locations and spectacular gadgets are the stars of souvenirs sharing the stories behind Bond’s 25 movie missions.

All six Special Stamps depicting every Bond actor set against a backdrop featuring a scene from the title sequence.

The Miniature Sheet includes the four Q Branch stamps with 007 perforations, as well as hidden features only revealed under *UV light.

The specially designed carrier card’s cover shot features Bond flying the autogyro aircraft, Little Nellie, in You Only Live Twice.

The carrier card’s reverse charts the story of Bond’s relationship with Q, the head of the British Secret Service’s research and development division.

The pack contains details of Bond’s connections with important allies and iconic villains – including Felix Leiter, Moneypenny, Blofeld, Scaramanga and Jaws.

An overview of all 25 Bond films includes details of their plots, characters, gadgets and locations.

*To reveal hidden features, we suggest using a UV light of 365NM UV wavelength.