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Royal Mail

Iron Maiden Stamp Set

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Eight stamps celebrating heavy metal heroes Iron Maiden.

The stamps capture all current band members performing live.

Four First Class and four £1.85 stamps.

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Eight stamps celebrating iconic Iron Maiden performances across four decades of epic live tours.

High-octane images capture all current band members at the top of their game.

Four First Class and four £1.85 landscape stamps.

First Class Steve Harris performs in Vancouver, June 2010

First Class Bruce Dickinson performs at Hammersmith Odeon, London, May 1983

First Class Dave Murray, Adrian Smith and Steve Harris perform in Pamplona, September 1988

First Class Nicko McBrain performs in Quito, March 2009

£1.85 Dave Murray, Bruce Dickinson and Janick Gers perform in Rio de Janeiro, January 2001

£1.85 Adrian Smith and Steve Harris perform in Helsinki, May 2018

£1.85 Iron Maiden perform at Twickenham Stadium, London, July 2008

£1.85 Bruce Dickinson sword fights with Eddie in Birmingham, August 2018

Stamp Specifications

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50mm x 30mm


Royal Mail Group Ltd


Cartor Security Printers

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14 x 14


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