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First World War 1914 Prestige Stamp Book

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First World War 1914 prestige stamp book, 24 pages of detailed coverage.
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The prestige stamp book provides a detailed look at the causes of the First World War and the events of 1914. Over 24 pages, Imperial War Museum historian Matt Brosnan explores key themes, the path to the war, the British response to the outbreak of hostilities, recruitment, military preparations and the first battles on both the Western and Eastern fronts. The book contains chosen images, most from the Imperial War Museum, including photographs, posters, images of artefacts and newspaper headlines.

Special features include a gatefold spread that displays the scale of preparations and the transition from civilians to soldiers. A box discussing Alfred Leete's image of Lord Kitchener, used for recruitment purposes. And a newly commissioned map showing the early battles on the Western Front. Among the souvenir stamp panes is a special pane containing four first-class country definitives, with a reproduction of the cross that appears on Commonwealth war graves.