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End of the Second World War First Day Cover (Tallents House)

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Commemorating the 75th anniversary of the end of the Second World War.

Eight Special Stamps featuring evocative photographs capturing the relief and jubilation that followed the formal conclusion of the conflict in 1945. 

Personalised with your choice of name, address and postmark.

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All eight End of the Second World War Special Stamps cancelled with the postmark, name and address of your choice.

The 8 May 2020 postmark represents the day, exactly 75 years ago, that the Allies formally accepted the surrender of Nazi Germany’s armed forces.

Your First Day Cover envelope features an image of ground staff celebrating at an RAF station.

An illustrated information card shares the background to the events leading up to the end of the Second World War, along with stamp specifications and acknowledgements.

The Tallents House postmark features an illustration of St Paul’s Cathedral, which was illuminated by searchlights in the night sky on 8 May 1945 to mark victory. 

Second Class A serviceman returns home to South Devon.

Second Class Jubilant nurses celebrate VE Day in Liverpool.

First Class Ecstatic crowds gather in London’s Piccadilly on VE Day.

First Class Evacuees return home to London after a wartime stay in Leicester. 

£1.42 Troops march through London’s Oxford Street during a parade for the Victory Over Japan exhibition.

£1.42 Soldiers and sailors leave a demobilisation centre carrying their civilian clothes in boxes.

£1.63 Allied prisoners of war at Aomori Camp near Yokohama, Japan cheer their rescuers.

£1.63 A member of the Women’s Royal Naval Service (WRENS) proposes a toast during VE Day celebrations in Glasgow.

As a result of Covid-19 and the restrictions that were placed on individuals’ movements, Royal Mail took the decision at the end of March to extend its postmarking facilities for all Special Stamp issues until further notice. We promised that we would announce at the appropriate time when this extension would end and give customers sufficient notice of the cut-off period for accepting covers retrospectively. With these restrictions now being gradually eased throughout the UK we will revert to the normal postmarking rules from Thursday, 1st October. This means that the End of the Second World War First Day Covers will come off sale at midnight on that day.