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Dennis & Gnasher Stamp Sheet

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Four colourful birthday-themed stamps illustrated by current Dennis & Gnasher artist, Nigel Parkinson.

Presented as two First Class and two £1.70 stamps.

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In stock

Four stamps specially illustrated by Nigel Parkinson, the current Dennis & Gnasher artist, to celebrate the birthday of the much-loved mischief maker.

Featuring a colourful spread of Beano personalities sharing their best wishes for Dennis, the Miniature Sheet concludes the exclusive birthday-themed story found in the Presentation Pack.

The Miniature Sheet is presented as two First Class and two £1.70 stamps.

First Class | Dennis

First Class | Gnasher

£1.70 | Minnie the Minx

£1.70 | Family Portrait

Stamp specifications

Stamp size and format Minnie the Minx: 27mm x 37mm, portrait; Dennis, Gnasher, and Dennis with Bea and parents: 35mm x 35mm, square
Design The Chase
Printer International Security Printers
Print process Lithography
Perforations Minnie the Minx: 14 x 14; Dennis, Gnasher, and Family Portrait: 14.5 x 14.5
Phosphor Bars as appropriate
Gum Self-adhesive