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Curious Customs Set of 8 Stamps

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Collect this colourful set of eight Special Stamps celebrating our nation’s quirky traditions – from the historical to the hysterical.

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In stock

This colourful collection is presented as four horizontal se-tenant strips of two stamps. It includes Two First Class stamps, two Second Class stamps, two £1.55 stamps and two £1.60 stamps. 

World Gurning Championships

A highlight of Cumbria’s annual Egremont Crab Fair. First Class

Up Helly Aa

A fire festival celebrating Shetland’s Viking heritage, held in Lerwick. First Class

Burning the Clocks

A Brighton folk festival featuring a lantern parade and a beach bonfire. Second Class

Padstow ’Obby ’Oss

Two black hobby horses lead a May Day procession through the town. Second Class

Horn Dance

A unique celebration of ancient hunting rites, held in Staffordshire. £1.60

Bog Snorkelling

Swimmers race through a water-filled trench in a peat bog in Powys. £1.60

Cheese Rolling

Hundreds of runners chase a Double Gloucester down a hill in Brockworth. £1.55 


Europe’s biggest Halloween festival takes place over five October days in Derry/Londonderry. £1.55

Stamp specifications:

Mint stamps Curious Customs

Stamp format Landscape

Stamp size 37mm x 35mm

Design NB Studio

Illustrations Jonny Hannah

Number per sheet 30/60

Printer International Security Printers

Print process Lithography

Perforations 14 x 14.5

Phosphor Bars as appropriate