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Barcoded High Value Definitives Presentation Pack

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A double-sided publication featuring all three new barcoded high value definitive stamps.

The fold-out pack details the story behind the Machin Definitive design, first introduced in 1967.

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Discover the history of the humble Definitive stamp with a fact-filled pack incorporating all three new barcoded high value definitive stamps.

The iconic Machin design has been retained and the colour scheme has been reversed to depict the effigy in colour against a white background. The barcode is printed in a matching colour alongside, separated by a simulated perforation line.

A superb souvenir for stamp collectors and completists, the pack details the philatelic heritage of Arnold Machin’s iconic effigy of Her Majesty the Queen, first introduced in 1967.

£2.00 | Bright Blue

£3.00 | Purple

£5.00 | Spruce Green

Stamp specifications

Stamp format

Definitive Barcoded

Stamp size

39mm x 30mm


International Security Printers

Print process



15 x 14.5


Bars as appropriate