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2021 Country Definitive Stamp Set

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A set of the new Definitive stamps for each home nation.

4 x £1.70 Country Definitive stamps. 

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The new Definitives for each home nation celebrate the rich heritage, culture and traditions of the United Kingdom.

The England Country Definitive portrays a sculpture of an English oak, created by David Dathan.

For the Wales Country Definitive, an image of a daffodil in Welsh slate by Ieuan Rees is featured.

A thistle, sculpted by Tim Chalk, is the illustration on the Scotland Country Definitive.

A detail from a linen slip case kindly offered by the Irish Linen Centre and Lisburn Museum is the feature on the Northern Ireland Country Definitive.


Mint stamps Country Definitive 2021

Stamp format Definitive

Stamp size 20mm x 24mm

Printer International Security Printers

Print process Lithography

Perforations 15 x 14

Phosphor Bars as appropriate